Thursday, March 16, 2006

Exp 004

Purpose: To convert adrenaline to a catechol aldehyde using acid catalysis. How this fits into the synthesis of anti-malarials is described here

Procedure: In a round-bottomed flask, 25ml of acetic acid, 58.47mg (0.319mM) of epinephrine, 2ml of 6M Sulfuric Acid, and 3 ml of water was added. The solution had a slightly dark tint. The solution was then refluxed in a nitrogen gas environment.

Samples were taken at the following times:
1230: t=0 (20A)
1300: t=1/2 hour (20B)
1330: t=1 hour (20C)
1430: t=2 hours (20D)

Next steps:
1) Add ether and water to each sample vial
2) Spot each reaction on a TLC plate using the upper ether layer
3) Determine from TLC if the reaction took place.


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